Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving in!

Well, I have held off for a while but am finally giving in to the beauty of blogging. By the way, I am going to have to think of a better name for this blog...
What a great way to keep family and friends updated on the latest happenings in our family and our lives. I can't promise regular posts or even that they will be worth reading, so keep the expectations low. We'll see how this goes....for now...check out the latest happenings in my little world:

There are the two peas in a pod cruising the hood:
The little dude and his new ride. Thanks to MiMi and PopPop!
A Big Boy Bed (a.k.a. baa baa baa as he says it)


  1. I'm already a fan. Be a fan of us, too. www.kurtandgeorgia.blogspot.com It requires special access so I'll grant you. :)

  2. I'll have to "follow" you so we can stay updated on the life in the Phillips family.

  3. FINALLY!!!! I'm so excited!!! Great first post by the way, love the 1st pic!!